Saturday, 24 September 2011

Four Seasons Plaza & Whiterose Fashion Hall "Butterflies are Free" Hunt

Sunday 9 October Update: PIPINS gift was added (No.31). Also in Pipins Store big 100L SALE. Store updates with fall collections,skins and accessories by Pipins, Danielle, Aleida and Ela.

Here is the list of the designers and the hints for the hunts. Also added are other gifts and sales in the stores. Some of the hust  gifts in the list are to be announced (TBA) in the coming days, whereas more designers will be added. So stay tuned. This is a month-long hunt with many surprises. Have fun all!

Hint is: "Look for the butterfly amongst the Three White flowers."
Highlight:New Rose Gown.
Gift: Bag on table

Paris Metro
Hint-Fall leaves below this tree will lead you to the butterfly
Gift: PARIS AT NIGHT  and fun Flower power UNDIES ,boxes on counter in back
Highlight :NEW FALL COLLECTION and the most moving creations ,feminine and moves so well

KK Foods & Party
Hint: Have a drink of Punch !
Highlight : BEER AND ESPRESSO coffee makers the best in SL

Augusta Creations
Hint:  Butterflies love plants !
Hunt gift: ��
Gift: two pink bags with gifts
Highlight: Amazing value for top quality womens designs,another gift if join group

Total Eclipse Clothing
Hint:  The light of a river moon shines bright to lead the way
Highlight :MM BOARD and Lucky Chair ,New lingerie department

Lady Mor
Hint:  BRONZE dazzles !!! Don't trip over me !
Gift: 1l gift
Highlight: Western attire,heart shooting guns,GORGEOUS ELEGANT GOWN some with jewelry !

WTG Jewelry
Hint: "call my name in French" butterfly.....
Gift: Box on table
Highlight: NAIL Collections with matching jewels

Hint: Go past the couch, and look down near Little Pink Pearls
Hunt Gift: Sleevless Ladies Jacket
Gift: 5l
Highlight: new Spring Flowers & Fall Dragon Leathers

Elisea Carter Gold in the Night
Hint: Look in the sexy lingere section and bow your eyes to Monique
Hunt Gift: FIJI intimo glicine
GIFT: 1l gifts on table

10  Aurora Borealis
Hint:   "you always find gold at the end of the rainbow"
Highlight: Beaded, Pearls and vintage jewels

11  SF Design for men & women
Hint: take the stairs and you may find it under a mans skirt!
Highlight: MENS AND WOMENS casual to formal
Sale: yes men and women 50% changes monthly
Gift: Monthly gift changes men & women

12  Sascha's Designs
Hunt gift:Gift is called EUFORIE or Hmmmmmm Dress
Hint:  High in the sky !
Sale:  Tuesday-Black 299l
Highlight:Special Edition: Waterfall Wine Red & Beige & GREAT PANTS SETS & New Colections ! TWILLIGHT is here !

13  J&W Jewelry
Hint: Round and round they go, brightly do they glow. Turning on the lighted box I hide like a fox...
Highlight: MAIN STORE & new collections and 10l ,50l special buys

Hint: Take a seat while you shop !
Highlight : FALL COLLECTION all new designs !

Hint: TBA

16  Diorsis Hair Design
Hint: TBA
Gift: Monthly members gift

17  Marianela's Art of Fashion
Hint:  One of many flying amongst the crowd of butterflies !
Hunt gift: ��
Gift: Bathing suit,changes
Highlight: Sexy gowns

18  ELAN
hint: Ask the concierge!
Gift : 1l Cutie top
Highlight: New autumn collection

hint: SHELVES !
GIFT: Welcome gift also
Hunt Gift: Seawind Dress
Highlight: New Skins bases lips and eyeshadows.

20 DeVicious
hint: Victoria has a secret and I am hiding behind it

21  Anubis Style
hint: Butterflies live around there
Highlight: New Fall Collection available.  Some outfits come with shoes

Hint: Look up at the sexy mens skin Reese
Highlights : NEW MENS AND WOMENS SKIN, hair

23  Vita's Boudoir
Hint: TBA
Secret Sale :100L BOHO Dress

24  Kimber Kassner
Hint: Walk towards the back of store find KAUAI Swimwear on right wall ,look down
Sales:yes marked on vendors some 99l

25  Mohna Lisa Couture 
Hint: Bella Darkness is hidden behind the column
Hunt gift: PINK JEWEL
Highlight: 4 items, 2 men's and 2 women's  50% OFF

26  Fellini Couture
Hint: Butterflies lovvvvvee Daisy
Highlight: Inspired by nature

27  Glamour Style
Hint:  Elena wedges is blocking your view of this butterfly
Hunt Gift:

Hint: : "Can you see me?"
Hunt Gift: EYES for men and women
Welcome Gift: 53 Hair Tatoos and bag with PONY Hair for men & women

29  Indyra Originals
Hint: TBA

30  DAFNE 
Hint: DAFNE logo is so pretty isnt it ? Inside the store !
Highlight: Casual fun clothes formals

31  Pipins
Hint: Let Hepburn help you find the butterfly !
SALE: 20 older designs marked down to 100L
Highlight: ADDED NEW Avante Garde Collections & Makeups !

Hint:  Ladies Johanna and Moonshadow are looking down on me !
Hunt gift: ��
Highlight: gorgeous dresses & Wedding gowns, and THE BEST MENS SUITS !

33  Sunshine Lace
Hint:  How do you solve a problem like  "MARIA"
Highlight: Group monthly gift, 30% discount with tag on all for FSP

34 LollipopZ Hair
Hint: TBA

Hint: Girl is searching for gift! Will help you find butterfly

36 GIZZA womens
Hint: Men & women hang out together here ,you wont find them if your looking up !
Highlight: Womens and mens couture ,two floors ! FALL collections arrive soon !
Gift: Sweater Dress

37 Chichi of London
Hint-Ground Control to Major Tom ......Let NASA HELP u find this
Highlight:  Truly exquisite authentic detailing


Hint: Men & women hang out together here ,you wont find them if your looking up !
Highlight: Womens and mens couture ,two floors ! FALL collections arrive soon !
Hunt gift: BIKER leather Pants

39 Vengeful Threads
Hint: Finely polished !
Highlights: Mens & womens clothes with touch of goth, formal and casual

40 Wilson's Designs
Hint: Both men and women gifts in TWO BUTTERFLIES placed on the back wall near Wilson sign
SALES -yes

41 Lady Thera
Hint: Butterflies stick together "PAPILLON"
Highlight: Textures from the greatest painters of all times
GIFT :Welcome gift also on table

42  Mina Hair
Hint: Look for the poster with the two girls

43  Diana Debevec's High Society Shoes
Hint: Columns are high here !

44 BC & Co. (Halloween Department)
Hint: Let the Fairies lead the way
Highlight :GREAT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ,new being added all month in October !

45 Alafolie
Hint: Butterflies like flowers and fly high !
Hunt gift: BLEU NUIT
Highlight:New jewelry on the counter and gorgeous designs ,most transfer look at vendor sign for details

46 TBA

47 SIMILAR SHOES-no hunt gift but welcome gift at entrance

48 A&A HAIR -purple box has GIFT ,not hunt gift

49 *OC*ORAGE Creations-
Hint:  You should try the skins here !!
Sale: Yes
Highlight: WOMENS SKINS ,shapes, couture clothing,great jeans

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